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The Story of Jolie Beaute

Being an Asian with tanned skin I face problems with choosing the right make-up foundation for myself - it's either my complexion will look too fair or greyish. Most brands produce products that are based for those with pink-undertone and believe me, it was so frustrating. And I'm not the only one. Not until recently, I found some premium brands that caters for darker skin, but they aren't friendly for the wallet.

I started toying with the idea of producing my own foundation. A foundation that is fitting for myself, my friends and all Malaysian women. It is my small contribution to my fellow sisters. We as women, should always look out for each other.

After a year of R&D, I was finally satisfied with the formula and it wasn't an easy job. I've spent many, many days sitting down with the chemist discussing formula. I have to admit, some days... it gets frustrating. But the final outcome was a big win for me. Finally, the birth of Jolie.

Jolie is a brand that cares for your skin. It's effortless and it enhances your natural beauty by giving it shimmer and glow. With Jolie, you don't need to worry about layering products which we all know, is bad for the skin. It is easy to apply and easy to remove for Muslim to take wudu' (ablution). It is also certified Halal and has very minimal chemical ingredients.

Moving forward I would like to come out with more tone and other range that is chemical free that suits every woman or even for young adults.

There will be more chemical-free Jolie products in the near future catering for all skin tones.